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Summer child care: air conditioning, mat

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Summer child care: air conditioning, mat

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Summer child care: air conditioning, mat mat weather is hot, baby's trouble is also many. Can the baby use air conditioning? Can a baby sleep in a mat? The use of air conditioning in the hot season for the room brought silk cool, so many families are decorated with air conditioning. For adults, air conditioning is comfortable, but for babies, is it possible to use air conditioning? (Parent: The weather is very hot, the baby is very boring at home, I want to use air conditioning for the baby, but someone told me that air conditioning is easy to get sick after using air conditioning, so I do not know what to do?) If the indoor temperature of the air-conditioned room is adjusted to lower or higher indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large, the baby's body can not adapt to, susceptible to colds and other diseases. In addition, babies stay in air-conditioned rooms for a long time, the body's regulatory function is relatively low, and indoor activities are limited, lack of physical exercise, is not conducive to health. In view of the above questions, can the baby use air conditioning? Expert answer (Feng Guoqiang): when you use air-conditioning, there are several principles.
1, the air conditioner can not directly blow the baby.
2, the air conditioning temperature is set above 27 degrees.
3, the room temperature difference should not be too big.
4. Babies in the use and non-use of air-conditioning places to increase or decrease the hot weather clothes at any time, the baby loves sweating, if sleep on a small mattress easy to develop prickles, to the baby paved a small mattress, but the mother is worried, I do not know whether the baby sleeping mattress will catch cold?
(Parent: "Babies often sweat when they sleep, adults use a mat in bed during the summer, we also bought a bed for the baby, but someone told me that using a mat is not good for the baby, so I do not know what to do?"
Parent: It's too hot to sleep on a bed or something. I'm afraid he'll have a rash. I'll let him sleep on the mat directly. I don't think it's a big problem. Expert Answer (Feng Guoqiang): Babies can use cold mat, pay attention to the choice of better quality grass mat, do not sleep bamboo mat.