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Mother should concentrate on feeding her baby.

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Mother should concentrate on feeding her baby.

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Biologists in the United States have found in an experiment that people exhale gases from different emotions, which contain completely different substances. When the heart is calm, the exhaled gas is colorless, impurity-free, clear and transparent when it becomes a liquid; when it is angry, the exhaled gas contains white precipitation when it becomes a liquid. As a result, research experts believe that when people are in bad mood, some substances in the blood will change, it is likely to produce a certain toxin harmful to human health, including milk also contains. If a mother is still doing something or talking to her baby when she is breast-feeding, the toxins produced by bad emotions will enter the baby's body and do harm to their health. Therefore, when the mother feeds the baby, the mood must be quiet. This is the best opportunity to communicate with the baby at the right time with the mother. Never feed the baby in anger or anger.