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How do you wash your baby's ass?

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How do you wash your baby's ass?

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How do you wash your baby's ass? Infants with soft skin, once the acid, alkaline urine irritation, easy to cause red buttocks. Feces pollute the urethral orifice and cause urinary tract infection. Because of this, babies should wash their buttocks in time. The way to wash your butt is:

1, bedside wash: open the "candle bag", remove the wet diaper, upper body with small quilt cover, prevent from catching cold. Place the prepared basin on a bench beside the bed. The adult gently holds the child in his left arm, holds his leg in his left hand and washes it down with a towel in his right hand.

2, the urine wash: this method requires two people to cooperate. Remove the diaper. One holds the child in a position of holding the diaper. The other stands opposite the child and washes it from top to bottom.

3, squatting wash: larger children can adopt this method. The adult sat on a small stool with his legs apart. The child squatted between his legs and put his hands on his left leg. Put the basin under the child's bottom and wash it from front to back.