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3 Plys Mask


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3 Plys Mask

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3 Plys Mask

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Product name: Disposable Face Mask
Product use:Filter the air into the mouth and nose to achieve Keep
harmful  gassmell  and droplets away.
Usage restriction:Replace with a new disposable mask every 4 hours.
Storage conditions:Store in a dry and ventilated place.

Usage and precautions:
1, Pay attention to the front and back of the mask.
2, Don't touch the outside of the mask with your hands.
3, Disposable masks should not be recycled, because once used, masks can no longer be used to filter viruses.
4, Pay attention to the discard of masks.
5, Hold the metal strip on the bridge of the nose. 
6, Children under three years old are not recommended because of their low  vital capacity.

Products photos and package:
Inside: 50pcs/per bag in 1 boxes, 40boxes in 1 carton
1 Carton size: 54.5cm*41.5cm*31.5cm
N.W: 6.0KG
G.W: 8.5KG
Quantity: 2000pcs

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