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Changing diapers frequently to prevent red buttocks effectively

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Changing diapers frequently to prevent red buttocks effectively

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Diaper dermatitis, commonly known as "red buttocks," is a common skin disease in infants, especially in summer, with a higher incidence. This is because the baby's skin is extremely delicate, and any adverse stimulation may lead to skin diseases. If in a sultry environment, let the baby wrapped in contaminated dirty diapers for a long time and do not change in time, the small fart will easily appear erythema, Papule-like skin lesions.

One, is this the problem of diaper? To protect the baby's small fart, it is necessary to start from picking, using diapers, cleaning the buttocks and other minor matters. And many young mothers choose disposable diapers in order to reduce the number of replacements, often in order to save time, often several hours later to replace. It seems that the responsibility for the baby's "red buttocks" lies mainly in the mother.

Two, attention should be paid to details of urine diapers.

1. Absorb more and quickly absorb a large amount of diapers in order to reduce the frequency of change, will not make the baby sleep by wet rolled diapers can not be stable. At the same time, the rapid penetration and absorption of urine can reduce the contact time between urine and skin, and avoid the occurrence of diaper dermatitis.

2. Dry and smooth surface of those fine plastic materials, although it is not easy to make urine penetration, but when the baby's body directly pressed diapers, often occur when the phenomenon of reflux. If you always let your baby's little fart in the hot environment, you will feel uncomfortable, and even infected.

3, touch and comfortable touch existed in the fetus at 3 months. When the baby is born, the skin is the sensitive organ that he feels outside. Comfortable touch can give him a sense of security and have a direct impact on future behavior development. 24 hours of full contact with urine pants gives the baby the most irritation of sensitive skin. Therefore, the urine pants close to good touch are very important.

4. According to foreign reports, some inferior paper diapers may bring male babies the hidden danger of infertility when they grow up. This is because those diapers are not entirely paper, the inner sponge, fiber although there is a certain adsorption, but not breathable, such as close to the baby's skin, easy to make local temperature rise. The best temperature for a boy's testicle is about 34 degrees. Once the temperature rises to 37 degrees, the sperm production will be affected over time. This phenomenon has been on the rise in developed countries. Therefore, in the use of diapers for the baby, in addition to not wrapped too tight, the best choice of natural cotton diapers, in the premise of ensuring air permeability and water absorption, there will not be any accidents.

Three, diapers are very particular:

1. Changing diapers regularly can make your baby sweat a lot, but the amount of urine won't decrease. Timely replacement of contaminated diapers can make babies' little bums refreshing and dry. In addition, the baby wakes up, usually urine, timely observation of whether the diaper is wet, timely urine for the baby once, you can wash a diaper less.

2. Keep your buttocks breathable by using diapers as little as possible during the day, so that your baby can spend more time bare buttocks, so that the skin of your buttocks can be exposed to the air for breathing.

3, diapers do not pack too tight to prevent side leakage, and the use of those rubber bands very tight diapers will be the baby's small buttocks tightly wrapped up. This will not only affect local blood circulation, but also easily cause "red buttocks". When using cloth diapers, the female baby can be padded thicker because the urine is easy to flow backwards, while the male baby's urine is easy to flow forward, so the front should be folded thicker.

4, wash the diaper thoroughly and use baby clothes detergent or soap when washing diapers. Adult laundry detergents contain phosphorus and other chemicals, which are likely to cause skin allergies in infants. The diapers should be rinsed several times until the water is clear. Diapers should be dried in the sun, dried and folded.

5.Soft diaper method If the diaper is not soft enough in use, you can wash the diaper, and then add 2 tablespoons of vinegar in 2-3 liters of water, soak the diaper for 5-6 minutes, then squeeze dry.

Four, the "culprit" of dermatitis prevention against diaper dermatitis is Candida albicans. It is a fungus that is parasitic on the skin and mucous membranes of the human body. Because the baby's skin folds, such as abdominal blisters, anus, umbilicus and other skin warm, moist, vulnerable to friction, damage, often Candida breeding "fertile soil". Once infected, the original skin will appear erythema, erosion, exudation, and even form a shallow ulcer, blisters, pustules will grow around. Get "red buttock", do not use hot water to wash local or itching. We should use zinc oxygen oil or itching according to the doctor's advice. Secondly, change diapers frequently, and in each diaper change thoroughly clean and dry baby's buttocks, if conditions permit the baby to lie naked on the diaper, its buttocks exposed to the air. If there is no improvement after treatment, it is necessary to take the child to the hospital in time.