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Does sleeping with your mother affect your baby's independence after growing up?

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Does sleeping with your mother affect your baby's independence after growing up?

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6, children who sleep with their parents before the age of 7 are more common in Asian countries.

This is partly due to the limited living conditions of some families, on the other hand because parents are worried about their children's fear of sleeping alone, insecurity or unwillingness to sleep on their own.

Whatever the cause, children and their parents sleep in the same bed, or even in the same bed, if sustained over a long period of time, the physical and mental development of the child may be adversely affected.

First of all, in the case of children sleeping with parents, due to sharing bedding, breathing in a relatively narrow space, children are likely to be infected with disease;

Secondly, the parents turn over, get up, play heavy and so on will affect the child's sleep, but the child will also make the parents can not relax around the rest;

Third, children who sleep with their parents for a long time may lose an opportunity to develop independence and ability in life.

However, there is no direct link between sleeping alone and the development of children's independence. The key lies in how parents treat and handle some of their children's demands during the sleeping process.

If due to restrictions on family living conditions or because children sleep, love kicks and so on. Parents have to sleep with their children for a period of time, so we need to pay attention to several aspects:

First, provide the child with a separate quilt and make him quilt.

Second, gradually teach children to bedding themselves before and after sleep.

Third, if children ask parents to cuddle to sleep, they should guide their children to gradually change their habits. In the process, soft cloth toys can be provided for children to embrace as a transition, while keeping the toy clean and safe.