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Use diapers to make babies healthy.

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Use diapers to make babies healthy.

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The baby's skin is delicate and fragile, especially on the part of the skin used in diapers, if there is no frequent change of diapers or selection of diapers are not in place to cause damage to the baby's skin, in order to give the baby better care, on the replacement of diapers and the selection of matters needing more attention on the new father and mother.

1 dry skin is healthy.

Every time you change your baby's diapers, wipe your baby's small farts with a warm and soft towel, and then wipe them dry with cotton cloth to avoid dampness on the diapers, causing bacterial growth and affecting skin health. Of course, in this need to remind the baby to change diapers when the indoor temperature should be appropriate to avoid the baby cold.

2 diapers should be changed frequently.

Wet skin is easy to become fragile, easy to diaper rash and other skin problems, in order to give the baby the most comfortable feeling, diapers must be changed frequently, and give the baby what kind of absorbability is particularly strong paper diapers, to avoid inadequate absorption so that the baby's skin becomes wet and sticky.

3 carefully choose diapers.

Paper diapers selected for the baby must have good absorption and breathability, so that the baby wears comfortable and dry, you can first choose some small package of brand diapers, so that the baby first to adapt to, if the baby's small buttocks without red rash, wear comfortable re-purchase.

4, you need to use special diapers for your baby at night.

The quality of baby's sleep is very important, baby's growth and development, bone development, intellectual development are related to sleep, before going to bed at night suggest that young mothers to baby use special diapers, pay attention to the quality of baby's sleep.

5 baby diapers need bacteriostatic action.

Because the baby's urine in a warm and humid environment is easy to breed a large number of bacteria, may damage the baby's skin, especially the girl's baby, young mothers are advised to give the baby the use of antibacterial effect of paper diapers. After using diapers, to carefully observe the baby's small buttocks have no rash, especially in the baby's thigh root, the most likely to appear "hostile situation".

Conclusion: We do not recommend buying a large number of the same size diapers for children, because the baby's growth and development is fast, with the change of age, their body shape has significant changes, if wearing unfit diapers, for the baby is very uncomfortable and will hinder the normal physical development.