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Development status of diaper Market under the upgrading of consumption demand

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Development status of diaper Market under the upgrading of consumption demand

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China diaper industry

The announcement of the separate two-child policy in 2013 directly contributed to the blowout of the baby diaper Market in the following year: According to relevant data reports, China's Diaper Market in 2013 was 25 billion yuan, an increase of 16% to 29 billion yuan in 2014. On January 1, 2016, the full opening of the second child policy will undoubtedly play a huge role in promoting the production and market of baby diapers. It is estimated that China's diaper market will reach 70 billion yuan in 2020. And in the next five years (2017-2021), it will maintain compound growth in 14.43% years.

With the rapid expansion of the baby diaper market, China's per capita purchasing power and the concept of child care have also changed. According to the Economist, the number of middle-class Chinese with annual household incomes ranging from 766,000 to 286,000 yuan has risen from almost zero in the 1990s to 225 million today. Nowadays, after 80 and 90's, the consumption preference of Baomu, a new-born daughters, begins to be related to the quality of life, emotional factors, personalization and design sense. They no longer attach much importance to price, and consumption upgrade is happening quietly.

The contradiction between product upgrading and consumption upgrading

By scanning the current market spies, we can see that although the current development of the Internet allows consumers to more convenient access to purchase imported products. But imported products, which have always been highly praised, are not able to meet the needs of the new generation of consumers.

Even though modern diaper products are constantly upgrading iteratively, the contradiction with the real needs of consumers is gradually deepening. Many diapers are now promoting "thinner, more breathable," a concept that covers two different features, "thinner" and "more breathable." Mainstream domestic paper diapers due to the widespread use of composite cores will be easier to achieve the "thinner" characteristics of the product, and the thickness of the product can be measured and felt characteristics. The concept of "more breathable" is different from "thinner". It is not only a typical physical property, but also a consumer perception. Therefore, "thinner and more breathable" is not a technical language but a market language, leading consumers to believe that "thinner" products are "more breathable" and ultimately giving consumers more benefits in using the products. Imaginary space. Whether the demand point of product innovation and product iteration upgrading can really meet the needs of consumers remains to be tested.

But consumer demand has shifted from the physical requirement of plain paper diapers to provide a "healthy diaper environment" for babies, which plays an important role in the early stages of babies'growth, and the environment between diapers and baby's skin contact. Whether it is beneficial to the baby is the most real demand of consumers at present.