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Hygienic pads should not be used frequently.

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Hygienic pads should not be used frequently.

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The compact sanitary pad is easy to use and is very popular with women. Some people even use it every day without interruption. Many healthy women with very good hygiene habits, after a period of use, often surprisingly found: the vagina becomes itchy, leucorrhea increased, yellowing, and even smell. Experts believe that frequent use of sanitary pads can easily cause gynecological diseases.

Hygienic pads are mostly made of chemical fibers, and there is a layer of plastic film in the middle, which has very poor air permeability. Long-term use will greatly increase local humidity and temperature, especially in hot and humid seasons. It not only creates suitable conditions for the breeding of bacteria and parasites, but also destroys the acidity and alkalinity of the vagina and reduces the local area. Protective barrier effect, causing mold, trichomonas and other vaginitis; coupled with the friction of sanitary pads, but also easy to cause local skin or hair follicle damage, or even ulceration, vulvitis and other diseases, so sanitary pads should not be long-term use. In the purchase of cushions, must choose the brand is too hard, qualified products, once the shelf life or in the use of the process, skin swelling and other allergic reactions should immediately stop using.

Pregnant women during pregnancy, vaginal discharge will be more than usual, many pregnant women to keep underwear clean and use sanitary pads. Experts warn that because of changes in the body's internal environment, it is easy to infect bacteria, pad at this time, more likely to cause inflammation, if the upward infection, but also endanger the fetus, therefore, in pregnancy, it is best not to use sanitary pads.