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How to choose sanitary napkins is right.

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How to choose sanitary napkins is right.

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There are more and more brands of sanitary napkins on the market. Advertising is overwhelming. How to choose both affordable and suitable sanitary products? Gynecological experts to the majority of female consumers "word": choose sanitary napkins should be time, occupation, place, clothing, physical factors into account, not necessarily the most expensive is the best.

Generally speaking, on the day with the most warp, you can use the daily airfoil sanitary napkin with dry mesh surface (allergy can be changed to cotton mesh surface). If you have more warp, you can use the extended and thickened night airfoil sanitary napkin. When the amount is decreasing, you can switch to a sanitary napkin. The last day or two of the menstrual period, although the menstrual blood has almost completely drained, but there will still be a small amount of bleeding, at this time the thin sanitary pad is undoubtedly the most appropriate, can be changed at any time, and will not stain clothes.

Women in the menstrual autoimmunity decline, especially vulnerable to external bacteria, if the physical resistance is not strong, it is best to choose antibacterial sanitary towels. In addition, if you need to stand or walk regularly, you'd better choose the airfoil type sanitary napkin. If the work needs to go out frequently, it is recommended to choose high-quality thin, airfoil protection, or even night sanitary napkins. If Amy wants to wear a skirt during the "regular holiday," she can use a thin or ultra-thin sanitary towel. Allergic constitution should be careful to use dry mesh and fragrant sanitary napkins, the use of drug sanitary napkins had better consult the doctor's advice.

It has been reported that the vast majority of domestic women are accustomed to using tampon pads (sanitary towels), that tampon slivers need to be used directly into the vagina, feeling inconvenient. In fact, whether using sanitary napkins or tampons, have its advantages and disadvantages, need to be selected according to personal preferences and physical conditions. The most important thing to pay attention to when using the cotton pad is to change frequently, usually every three hours must be replaced, in order to avoid the accumulation of blood osmosis easy to emit odor, infected with Candida albicans.