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Food and myopia

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Food and myopia

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Many parents often give their babies milled rice noodles, medical experts believe that long-term eating too fine food, will reduce the B vitamin intake and affect the development of the baby's nervous system. In addition, the loss of excessive chromium will affect visual development, become a major cause of myopia. Chromium is an important hormone in the human body. Insulin activity can be reduced when it is not enough, and the ability to regulate blood sugar can be reduced, resulting in normal metabolism of sugar in food and retention in the blood. Eventually, the refractive power of the eyes changes to form nearsightedness. The wise thing to do: The body needs 50-200 micrograms of chromium a day from food, and 80% of chromium has been lost from processed white rice flour. Therefore, it is necessary to give the baby a certain amount of coarse grains and brown rice to ensure adequate intake of chromium.

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