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Western fast food and obesity

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Western fast food and obesity

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Western fast food is especially popular with children because of its good dining environment, ways and attractive flavor. Therefore, parents are willing to give generously, but many children have become small fat pier, and hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver, obese brain and other "civilized disease" tied. Because Western fast food is high in fat and high in calories, but vitamin content is low. In addition, frying, frying and roasting cooking cause a serious imbalance in the proportion of nutrients. If a foreign fast food usually provides more than 1000 kilocalories, it has accounted for 88% - 113% of the daily supply of children aged 3 years old, and fat provides 40% - 59% of the total calories. So much heat into the baby's body, it is bound to exceed the normal metabolic needs, so into fat accumulation in the body, so that the baby obesity. A wise move: try to control the number of Western fast food, preferably without western fast food. Normally, should not let the baby eat more chips, sausages, apple pie and other high-calorie food, should choose more vegetables.