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11-14 months baby's happy game

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11-14 months baby's happy game

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Swing around

Father and mother sat face to face, and mother held the baby's armpits, facing him, and said to him, "Quick, go to Dad." And relax your hand. Dad grabbed the baby without waiting for it to sit down. Let him face his mother again and again to do this.

This game exercises your baby's sense of balance, reducing your baby's chance to learn to walk when you walk.

Open it and see what you put in the paper bag to make a sound. Shake it and ask him to guess, "There's a bell - Bell - sound. What's that?" If he takes the things out of the bag, he will say to him, "the bell is!" And shake it again. This game allows the baby to understand the causal relationship between objects and actions, this thinking game can develop the child's intelligence.