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3-6 months baby's happy game

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3-6 months baby's happy game

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Game 1: Find the sound play method: Put the baby on the bed, mother with a toy ringing bell standing somewhere in the room,

Shake the toy to make a pleasant sound, and the mouth says, "baby, listen, where does it sound?" See if the baby's line of sight or head is transferred to a sound area. If the baby does not respond, can again, until the baby pay attention to the voice, attention to play when the sound from strong to weak, from near to far, the mother's stay in the position should often change.

Objective: to train your baby's hearing and hearing abilities. Once the baby has hearing impairment, parents can find it in time.

Game 2: Look in the mirror play: take a book size mirror, mother holding the baby sitting on her lap, holding the mirror to the baby for a while, then take it away, repeatedly, so that the baby is interested in the mirror. Mother can smile or do strange things in the mirror, let the baby look at the mirror in the mother, and then let the baby look at the mother's face expression. Mother can also point to the baby in the mirror and say, "who is this? This is the baby. Baby smile. " Objective: to further train the baby's ability to look for objects and objects.

Game 3: Distant visual play: baby 3 months old, the strength becomes strong, the head can be raised, at this time the mother can hold the baby out, open the baby's vision. Everything around is fresh for the baby. Mother pointed to the baby and told him that this is a tall building, this is a big car, this is a big tree, this is a puppy, look, that is white clouds and so on. This is often said to the baby, strengthen the baby's ability to understand things. Objective: to train the baby's eyesight and expand the scope of knowledge.

Game 4: Enjoy yourself: When your baby is 6 months old, she will usually sit alone. At this time, the mother will put her baby in a small bed with a fence, which will be put in some sounding rubber toys and some plush toys, let the baby play enough. At this point, the mother stands aside (not too far from the baby to avoid accidents), occasionally helping the baby to make a sound toy, or put the toy in another place, let the baby turn position, to find. Note: Do not play too long to prevent spinal curvature, and do not have a baby can be placed in the entrance of small toys. Objective: To develop baby's ability to recognize and find objects, and to exercise hand-eye coordination and hand flexibility.

Game 5: Paper tearing fun play: for the baby to prepare some clean paper, can be old newspapers, let the baby tear play, the baby may grasp the paper into a ball, it does not matter. After playing several times, the mother tore the paper into triangles, circles, squares, placed in front of the baby, let the baby know these shapes. Note: do not give baby hard and thin paper, so as not to cut the baby's fingers. After the baby plays, wash the little hands for the baby in time. Objective: to exercise the baby's hand muscles and enrich the visual experience of the baby.

Game 6: Name play: usually take care of the baby, often called the baby's name, the baby gradually know who he is. When the baby is five or six months old, call the name of the baby and other people in the same tone, see if the baby can look up after hearing his name, if you can pay attention to the speaker, that he understands, the mother can hug him, to show his reward. If the baby doesn't respond to his name, his mother will tell him repeatedly that you are XX, XX is a lovely baby. Objective: let your baby know who you are and train your baby to respond to specific language.