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Children should pay attention to skin hygiene.

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Children should pay attention to skin hygiene.

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Summer heat, high temperature, sweat excretion is not easy, easy to produce prickly heat. Children should pay special attention to skin hygiene, especially in summer.

(1) Bathing frequently, changing clothes frequently, cutting nails frequently, after mosquito bites to timely spray medicine, must not scratch, in order to prevent infection. Bath should not use alkaline soap, with neutral soap is better, general market soap can be, some commercial soap, containing toxic substances, should not be selected.

(2) Eat more salt boiled water, the normal sweat volume in summer than in winter doubled (about 1,000 milliliters a day), in order to maintain the balance of water and electrolyte in the body, should be more salt boiled water.

(3) When the temperature is high, may wash the cold water bath many times a day, causes the skin clean and promotes the skin blood circulation, in order to facilitate the heat dissipation.

(4) Prickles should not be scalded with hot water or soap, lest local skin temperature increase, aggravation of inflammation, so that prickles quickly into dermatitis; as a result of soap stimulation, skin on the basis of flushing swelling can be broken skin water, or infection and suppuration.

(5) Take antipyretic and detoxicating Chinese herbs, such as wild chrysanthemum and Scutellaria baicalensis, each 9g, purple flower digitalis, dandelion and Prunella vulgaris, each 15g, mung bean coating, red peony root each 9g, raw licorice 3g, one dose daily for 7-10 days. For treatment and prevention of abscess (blister), furuncle, prickly heat, pyogenic sore and other skin diseases, you can take this prescription.