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Key points for nurturing newborn babies

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Key points for nurturing newborn babies

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After birth, babies may encounter some physiological difficulties in changing to another environment, especially within one month after birth, which is an important period for babies to adapt to the new environment, so special care is needed.

1. Quiet newborns sleep most of the time except lactation, so the baby room should be kept clean and quiet.

2. Warm newborns have poor ability to regulate their body temperature. Parents should pay attention to the baby's body temperature. The indoor temperature should be kept at 25-28 degrees Celsius, and pay attention to the ventilation of indoor air, but should avoid blowing directly to the wind.

3, clothing should be gentle and not fade easily. Avoid using nylon material that is easy to burn. Cotton underwear is the most appropriate clothing without irritation and sweat absorption. The pattern is simple, too tight or too wide, which will interfere with infant activity.

4. Change diapers baby urine, immediately change diapers, and wash the buttocks with warm water, and then gently dry with cotton cloth.

5. Bath every day for the baby bath, in addition to clean and comfortable, you can observe whether there are abnormal physical phenomena, such as rash, ecchymosis, trauma, etc. The best time to take a bath is half an hour before feeding or one hour after feeding. It can avoid vomiting milk. The indoor temperature should be warm (about 25-29 degrees C). The water temperature should be appropriate. First put cold water and then put hot water (37-40 degrees C). It can be tested on the inside of the wrist. If you feel hot and not hot, you can take a bath. The time is about 5-10 minutes.