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Eczema in infants

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Eczema in infants

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Babies with diapers are very susceptible to diaper rash, the baby's anus area skin is always red, in addition to pay attention to daily cleaning and keep dry, you can use the mother's milk for prevention and treatment. Every time after washing the baby's buttocks, suck up the water, wash her hands, squeeze a few drops of milk in the palm of her hand, and gently hold the milk in her "red area" with the index finger of the other hand. Because the fat in milk can protect the skin, and it has no irritation to the skInfantile eczema is a common skin disease in infants. It occurs mostly in infants between one month after birth and one year old. There are both hereditary factors and non hereditary factors, including allergic causes and non allergic causes. Most of the patients develop rashes on the head and face. Severe cases can spread to other parts of the body. Some children have vomiting and indigestion symptoms, most of the children often weaned around the age of one year after gradual self-healing. Prevention: Use food exclusion to identify allergic foods, breast-feeding mothers should also eat a lighter diet, because some dietary allergies can enter the baby through milk. Do not wash baby's skin with hot water, soap, soap and soap.

Baby clothing should be loose and light, good hygroscopicity, comfortable, cotton fabric is the most appropriate, synthetic fiber, wool or dark clothing on the skin sometimes stimulated, easy to cause allergic reactions. Baby underwear should be changed frequently, and the living environment of infants should be kept clean, dry and ventilated. Babies should have regular life, adequate sleep, avoid scratching, rubbing the skin, lest cause skin damage, increase the chance of infection and allergy.

A red patch appears on the buttocks of the baby, which is the baby diaper rash. It is caused by ammonia producing bacteria in baby's stool.

Treatment: For mild diaper rash, do not need to go to the hospital diagnosis and treatment, just change diaper with hot towel wipe test, and then coated with antibiotic ointment can be. As for the more serious or longer diaper rash, should be timely to the hospital dermatology diagnosis and treatment, in order to prevent exacerbation of infection, but also under the guidance of doctors at home treatment.

Nursing: Mainly keep the diaper pad dry, diaper pad and diaper pad often disinfection and often get sunlight flip, using disposable diapers, prevention effect is better. Rub the baby's buttocks 2~3 times a day with hot So it's an economical and affordable skin care product. You may as well try it.